• Artistic Crown Horns Hairstyle
  • Artistic Hairstyle - Leaves with complement to the mask
  • Artistic High Top Hairstyle
  • Artistic Long Spiky Hairstyle
  • Artistic Trident Hairstyle
  • Basic Dreads Hairstyle
  • Basic Hairstyle - Seed
  • Basic Long Spiky Hairstyle
  • Basic Shaved Hairstyle
  • Basic Short Spiky Hairstyle
  • Hairstyle - Autumnal
  • Stylish Back Twined Hairstyle
  • Stylish Dreads Hairstyle
  • Stylish High Twined Hairstyle
  • Stylish Long Twined Hairstyle


  • Blonde
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • Auburn
  • Blue
  • Violet


2arts crownhorns

Artistic Crown Horns Hairstyle

13arts leavescomp

Artistic Hairstyle - Leaves with complement to the mask

1arts hightop

Artistic High Top Hairstyle

3arts longspiky

Artistic Long Spiky Hairstyle

4arts trident

Artistic Trident Hairstyle

8bas dreads

Basic Dreads Hairstyle

14bas seeds

Basic Hairstyle - Seed

6bas longspiky

Basic Long Spiky Hairstyle

5zorbas shaved

Basic Shaved Hairstyle


Basic Short Spiky Hairstyle

15sty autumnal

Hairstyle - Autumnal

10sty backtwined

Stylish Back Twined Hairstyle

12sty dreads

Stylish Dreads Hairstyle

9sty hightwined

Stylish High Twined Hairstyle

11sty longtwined

Stylish Long Twined Hairstyle

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