• Artistic Crested Hairstyle
  • Artistic Crown Horns Hairstyle
  • Artistic Dreads Hairstyle
  • Artistic Hairstyle - Wick with ornament
  • Artistic Wedge Hairstyle
  • Basic Dreads Hairstyle
  • Basic Hairstyle - Wicks plaited behind
  • Basic Long Spiky Hairstyle
  • Basic Shaved Hairstyle
  • Basic Spiky Hairstyle
  • Hairstyle - Springlike
  • Stylish High Piled Hairstyle
  • Stylish Side Draped Hairstyle
  • Stylish Side Twined Hairstyle
  • Stylish Top Twined Hairstyle


  • Blonde
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green
  • Auburn
  • Blue
  • Violet


Zf arts crested

Artistic Crested Hairstyle

Zf arts crownhorns

Artistic Crown Horns Hairstyle

Zf arts dreads

Artistic Dreads Hairstyle

Zf arts withwick

Artistic Hairstyle - Wick with ornament

Zf arts wedge

Artistic Wedge Hairstyle

Zf bas dreads

Basic Dreads Hairstyle

Zf arts wickplated

Basic Hairstyle - Wicks plaited behind

Zf bas longspiky

Basic Long Spiky Hairstyle

Zf bas shaved

Basic Shaved Hairstyle

Zf bas spiky

Basic Spiky Hairstyle

Zf sty springlike

Hairstyle - Springlike

Zf sty highpiled

Stylish High Piled Hairstyle

Zf sty sidedraped

Stylish Side Draped Hairstyle

Zf sty sidetwined

Stylish Side Twined Hairstyle

Zf sty toptwined

Stylish Top Twined Hairstyle

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