• Artistic Bandana Hairstyle
  • Artistic Bushy Tail Hairstyle
  • Artistic Hairstyle - Soulder-length with ribbon
  • Artistic Peaked Bob Hairstyle
  • Artistic Spiky Hairstyle
  • Basic Beaded Fringe Hairstyle
  • Basic Hairstyle - Short Flame
  • Basic Shaved Hairstyle
  • Basic Short Back and Sides Hairstyle
  • Basic Short Spiky Hairstyle
  • Hairstyle - Powder Puff
  • Stylish Plaited Tail Hairstyle
  • Stylish Crested Hairstyle
  • Stylish Toggles Hairstyle
  • Stylish Tufty Fringe Hairstyle


  • Light Green
  • Blond
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Dark Green


FMarts bandana

Artistic Bandana Hairstyle

TMarts bushytail

Artistic Bushy Tail Hairstyle

TMarts shoulder

Artistic Hairstyle - Soulder-length with ribbon

TMarts peakedbob

Artistic Peaked Bob Hairstyle

TMarts spiky

Artistic Spiky Hairstyle

TMbas beadedfringe

Basic Beaded Fringe Hairstyle

TMsty shortflame

Basic Hairstyle - Short Flame

TMbas shaved

Basic Shaved Hairstyle

TMbas shortback

Basic Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

TMbas shortspiky

Basic Short Spiky Hairstyle

TMsty powderpuff

Hairstyle - Powder Puff

TMsty plaited

Stylish Plaited Tail Hairstyle

TMsty crested

Stylish Crested Hairstyle

TMsty toggles

Stylish Toggles Hairstyle

TMsty tuftyfringe

Stylish Tufty Fringe Hairstyle

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