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The Sundered Guard Edit

Atys is a world in chaos, only a few generations ago the homin races were brought to the brink of extinction buy the kittin swarms. Now the tattered remnants of societies struggle not only to survive on Atys but to reclaim all that has been lost. The Sundered Guard has always stood for the ideals of honor, respect, fellowship, and freedom. In this world it will be no different, as we strive to work to unite the homin cultures, discover the true intents of the Karavan and the Kamis, and stand guard against the ever-present Kittin threat.

General Information Edit

Homeland: The Burning Desert

Guild Hall: Pyr

Races Allowed: Any, all are welcome here.

Alignment: Neutral, but are planning a shift to Kami for teleports and PvP.

Officers Edit

Leader: Gavalin

High Officers:

  • Jaiden
  • Nevara

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