Type: Flora
Main Ecosystem(s): Jungle and Forest
Aggressive: No
Damage Type: Slash and Root

A predatory plant with a spring-like stem and long slender leaves. The stem twists up and down so unfurling the leaves which are edged with tiny lacerating teeth. The slaveni occurs mostly in jungle and forest regions, though rare specimens have been noted in desert regions.[1]

Main DetailsEdit

  • Naturally immune to Fear.
  • Moderately resistant to Acid magic.
  • Partially resistant to blunt damage and Cold magic.

Valued ResourcesEdit

Slavenis can be quartered for:

Exceptional SpecimensEdit


Hierarchy of SpeciesEdit

Level Name
233 Devastating Slaveni
224 Prodigeous Slaveni
214 Rapacious Slaveni
204 Horrifying Slaveni
185 Rattled Slaveni
175 Prickly Slaveni
165 Unpredictable Slaveni
155 Vile Slaveni
95 Famished Slaveni
84 Dehydrated Slaveni
73 Blooming Slaveni
63 Robust Slaveni
 ?? Budding Slaveni
 ?? Minor Slaveni
26 Drowsy Slaveni
14 Sluggish Slaveni
15 Placid Slaveni