Tribe: Silt Sculptors

Races: Tryker

Religion: Karavan

Camp Location: Winds of Muse (map)



  • Allies : Tryker
  • Starting fame:
Fyros 0
Matis +33
Tryker +50
Zoraï 0

Tribe MembersEdit


  • Tribe Chief : Be'Keeer Breggan
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Be'laury Lipsie
  • Tribe Welcomer : Ba'caussey Deppan
  • Frontier Supplier : Be'Riplan Kedgy
  • Overseer : Mac'Cautty Jichy
  • Ambassador : Silt Sculptors Karavan Ambassador
  • Strong Guards :

Wandering the region


  • Boots, Pants & Vest : Beige
  • Sleeves & Gloves : Blue
  • Hair : Blond (Tryker)

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