Ryzom API is an URL based system to get some Ryzom information like server status, game time or character profile. Note: Ryzom API is currently in Beta test. It means that it's possible we'll change the API, the XML format, the API keys format in the near future.[1]

Available Ryzom APIEdit

  • Status: To know if the game servers are open or closed.
  • Time: To know the time and date in Ryzom
  • Character: To access character profiles.
  • ItemIcon: To display the icon of an item.
  • Title: To convert a character title identifier to a translated string.
  • Render: PHP functions to render a webpage with Ryzom style.
  • ReleaseNotes: To see the patch release notes.
  • GuildIcon: To display the icon of a guild.
  • Guilds: To display the list of all guilds.
  • Guild: To access guild information.


See PHP Ryzom API

A set of helper function in PHP was also developed to allow easier access to Ryzom API.[2]

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