There are currently 4 playable races as well as 3 non-playable races in the game. Each of the playable races resides in a particular ecosystem on Atys.

FyrosBox 1 Fyros
Locale: Burning Desert
Faction: Kami
Summary: The Fyros are bold warriors from the deep and deadly deserts who lead a quest for the dreaded Dragon of the Myth. Determined, loyal and fierce, the Fyros rank themselves among the greatest Atysian warriors who have built their society on a strict code of honor.
MatisBox 1 Matis
Locale: Verdant Heights
Faction: Karavan
Summary: The Matis are proud heirs of an old Monarchy from the haunted woods who seek to restore their lost Kingdom. Highly cultivated aesthetes well versed in forest botany, the Matis are both a romantic and a conquering race. They staunchly believe that, just as every particle of the universe has a function, every homin must strive for his or her true place in society.
TrykerBox 1 Tryker
Locale: Aeden Aqueous
Faction: Karavan
Summary: Shorter of stature then other Homin races, The Tryker have retained their flighty and carefree nature despite the events of the past. Excellent explorers and inventors, as well as experts in wind technology, the Tryker have built their new civilization in marvelous floating cities of the lakelands, dreaming of a world without the burdens of tyranny or intolerance.
ZoraiBox 1 Zoraï
Locale: Witherings
Faction: Kami
KamiBox 1 Kami
Locale: Atys
Faction: Kami
Summary: Not playable - Strange and eerie entities capable of taking on various appearances, the Kamis constitute a major influence on Atys and its habitants. They stand vigil over the plant kingdom and ensure that no one may destabilize the fragile equilibrium of the planet they cherish. They share a collective conscience and it would seem that no living species may escape their perception, and consequently, their wrath if their laws of conservation are transgressed.

KaraBox 1 Karavan
Locale: Atys
Faction: Karavan
Summary: Not playable - The Karavan is composed of mysterious anthropoid beings in black suits and helmets that cover their entire heads. With the exception of the Prime Roots, the Karavan is present throughout Atys. Indeed, the homins have never yet explored an area where Karavan presence is not felt. The members of the Karavan live in great metallic vehicles and use weapons of technology as yet unknown to hominkind. The homins mostly hold them in awe.
KitinBox 1 Kitin
Locale: Prime Roots
Faction: Kitin
Summary: Not playable - First sighted by the Fyros during an expedition into the Prime Roots, the insectoid beings known as Kitins have become the most feared, deadly, and reviled enemies of hominkind. This interminable struggle between species began when the militant Fyros, taken aback by the first encounter, slaughtered the creatures without thought. The revenge of the Kitins was swift and devastating: the Great Swarming of 2481 eradicated the unsuspecting homin civilizations within days. Were it not for the efforts of the Kami and Karavan, hominkind may have never survived these horrific times.