This is the new Outpost Registry, taken over by the wiki now that Riveit is inactive.

Below is a list of all active Atysian outposts with their owners, declared faction and their products.

The color code is gold for Kami declared guilds, blue for Karavan declared guilds, green for Neutral declared guilds, and white for unknown.

New players should be aware that any player or guild can fight on either side of a battle, so that looking at the declared faction may be misleading as to the politics of a guild. Look in the other stickied thread to find a listing of most Arispotle guilds and some information on them.

Editing this table: In most cases, all that will need editing is Guild and Faction. If you spot mistakes in any other field, please do fix them.

To edit guild ownership, find the correct line (use Ctrl-F if you're lazy), and just change the contents of | Guild=whatever |. To edit faction, change the next field - for Kami, the field should read | Kami=y |; for Karavan, the field should read | Kara=y |; for Neutral, the field should read | Neutral=y |; and for Unknown, the field should read | Unknown=y |.

Outpost Region Quality Material Flower Owner
Blackburn Trade Post Imperial Dunes 50 Tekorn Bramble Intelligence Monks of Polonius
West Blackburn Border Post Oflovak's Oasis 100 Greslin Filament Balance Hearts of Thunder
Hightowers Farm Frahar Towers 150 Tekorn Bramble Dexterity Temporary Insanity
Southend Dune Farm Savage Dunes 200 Maga Creeper Wisdom Exodus Syndicate
Malmont Farm Dunes of Exile 200 Egiros Pollen Constitution Eye of Atys
Woodburn Magic Pole Scorched Corridor 250 Armilo Lichen Will Temporary Insanity
Woodburn Stronghold Scorched Corridor 250 Vedice Sap Strength Knights Leviers
Outpost Region Quality Material Flower Owner
Psykopla Knoll Trading Post Majestic Garden 50 Armilo Lichen Constitution Drama Free
Finders Farm Fleeting Garden 100 Maga Creeper Will TheNewEmpire
Wooky Workshop Knoll of Dissent 150 Amrilo Lichen Strength Drama Free
Berello Gorge Border Post Hidden Source 200 Greslin Filament Intelligence Cara Via
Fearing Fen Farm Upper Bog 200 Cheng Root Metabolism Reapers of the Dark
Westgrove Stronghold Grove of Confusion 250 Tekorn Bramble Balance Order of the Nameless
Ginti Workshop Grove of Confusion 250 Rubbarn Gum Dexterity Night Hawks
Outpost Region Quality Material Flower Owner
Greenvale Trade Post Liberty Lake 50 Greslin Filament Strength Need four Speed
Windway Workshop Winds of Muse 100 Tekorn Bramble Metabolism The Truss
Fount Porch Trade Post Fount 150 Greslin Filament Intelligence Aeden Artisans
Graveyard Gate Research Centre Enchanted Isle 200 Armilo Lichen Balance Ballistic Mystix
Twintops Workshop Bounty Beaches 200 Vedice Sap Constitution Legion of Atys
Loria Stronghold Lagoons of Loria 250 Maga Creeper Wisdom AtysGhosts
Whirling Stronghold Lagoons of Loria 250 Egiros Pollen Dexterity Guardians of Jena
Outpost Region Quality Material Flower Owner
Qai-Du Workshop Cities of Intuition 50 Maga Creeper Dexterity The Verdant Sanctum
Sai-Shun Stronghold Maiden Grove 100 Armilo Lichen Wisdom Walk in Twilight
Demons Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost Haven of Purity 150 Maga Creeper Wisdom The East Dyron Swim Team
Great Outback Workshop Knot of Dementia 200 Rubbarn Gum Metabolism Fluffy Bunnies
Gu-Qin Workshop Grove of Umbra 200 Tekorn Bramble Strength Monks of Polonius
Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop Void 250 Cheng Root Wisdom neXus
Lost Valley Stronghold Void 250 Greslin Filament Will Whispers of Aria

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