Type: Crafting

Race: Fyros

Reward: Non-racial 1h axe plan


Weapons for Xaros Zessan (Pyr Forge)Edit

  • Fyros fame 0
  • 2 x Cleven Axe q45 (Fyros BQ 1h axe)

Xaros Zessan needs a weapon crafterEdit

  • Fyros fame 0+

1 x Punnel pike q45 (Fyros BQ pike) 1 x Blam sword q30 (Fyros BQ 1h sword)

Weapons for Julius Baptistus (Pyr Eastgate)Edit

  • 7 x Jab dagger q9 (Fyros BQ dagger)
  • 1 x Cleven axe q25
  • 8 minute timer

Rite MissionEdit

The art of forging melee weapons, Eutis Apocaps, Pyr palace

  • Craft lvl 25+
  • Fyros fame 34
  • Talk to Xaros Zessen
  • 1 x Cleven axe q30
  • 1 x Stavon sword q35
  • Talk to Abyan Zessen
  • 1 x Retch axe q40 - finicky - relogging/crafting higher Q seems to work

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