We are one of the oldest Karavan Guilds of Arispotle, a mature group of players that is enjoying the life in Atys with freedom and fair play, some of us are in Atys since the beginning.

We are an international Guild, mostly european based.

General InformationEdit

  • Homeland: Verdant Heights
  • Guild Hall: Yasson Ward, Yrkanis
  • Races Allowed: All
  • Alignment: Karavan, Matis

Guild MottoEdit

Do it, even if it's impossible!


  • Leader: Sharonie
  • High Officers:
    • Anders
    • Effex
    • Eurynome
    • Gilgameesh
    • Hans
    • Jehlia
    • Wothan
    • Yarel
    • Yukka

  • Officers:
    • Antrocit
    • Callysto
    • Gailijoo
    • Mistral
    • Quickblade
    • Simone
    • Tamys
    • Toramo

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