Type: Kitin
Main Ecosystem(s): All Regions
Aggressive: Yes
Damage Type: Pierce & Acid

One of the most virulent predators on Atys, the kitin royal soldier is a gregarious giant living in community protecting the queen. The kinrey sprays acid at its victims and will attack and pursue any homin or beast venturing too close to the nest. This elite kitin occurs all over Atys.

Main DetailsEdit

0907112052 screenshot378

A group of Kinrey ambushing a brave warrior

  • Naturally Immune to Acid, Fear, Root and Sleep.
  • High resistance to Rot Magic and partial resistance to all other magic.
  • Moderate resistance to all types of physical damage.

Valued ResourcesEdit

Kinreys can be quartered for:

  • Mandibles
  • Secretion
  • Shells
  • Stings
  • Tails



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