Arispotle Guilds

These are the guilds currently or previously in existence on the Arispotle server; the table can be sorted using the icons in the header row. Activity information may be inaccurate or out of date.

Guild Faction Civilisation RP Stance Leader Status Website
Aeden Artisans Karavan Tryker Semi-RP Pero Active Link
Altaenae di Cherae Neutral Neutral Semi-RP Kalyndra Active Link
Angels of Atys Kami Zoraï Non-RP Honpejai Inactive
The Apostles Karavan Neutral Non-RP Lunachic Inactive
Armada Neutral Neutral Non-RP Disbanded
AtysGhosts Karavan Tryker Semi-RP Uatu Active Link
Atysian Explorers Kami Neutral Non-RP Amnesia Active
Atysian Traders Inc. Neutral Neutral High-RP Trader Inactive(?) Link
Ballistic Mystix Karavan Tryker Semi-RP Kilgoretrout Active Link
Cara Via Karavan Matis Non-RP Loracas Active Link
Circle of Lumindra Neutral Neutral High-RP Souvec Inactive
Crescent Moon Kami Fyros Non-RP Piirihuone Active Link
Defenders of Kami Kami Fyros Non-RP Jon Inactive
Divine Council of Pyr Kami Fyros Non-RP Final Active Link
Devia Semita Neutral Neutral Non-RP Eciresworb Disbanded
Dragons of Shadow Kami Neutral Semi-RP Daemion Inactive
The East Dyron Swim Team Kami Fyros Non-RP Ffionnys Active Link
Elders of Atys Karavan Neutral Non-Rp Ayur Inactive
Evolution Karavan Tryker High-RP Drakfot Active Link
Exodus Syndicate Kami Fyros Non-RP Sherkalyn Active Link
Eye of Atys Kami Fyros Semi-RP Braveganzar Active
Fluffy Bunnies Neutral (Kami TPs) Fyros Semi-RP Fyrosfreddy Active
Guardians of Jena Karavan Tryker Semi-RP Lalani Active Link
Guardians of the Lost Kami Zoraï Non-RP Zorvax Inactive Link
Hearts of Thunder Kami Tryker Semi-RP Sweetmarie Active Link
House Etchmarc Neutral Neutral High-RP Enon Inactive Link
Infinity Kami Neutral Semi-RP Seti Inactive Link
Insomniacs Neutral (Kami TPs) Fyros Semi-RP Sashtan Inactive Link
Knights Leviers Kami Fyros Semi-RP Wilderbeast Active
Knights of Shadows Karavan Matis Non-RP Rahia Inactive
Legion of Atys Karavan Matis Non-RP Sharonie Active Link
Lost Guild of Atys Karavan Matis Non-RP Inactive
Melinoe Karavan Matis Semi-RP Mentaloid Active
Merchants of Void Kami Zoraï Semi-RP Quiksilver Inactive
Ministry of Mayhem Kami Fyros Non-RP Yoshi Inactive
Monks of Polonius Kami Neutral Semi-RP Xyrana Active Link
Temporary Insanity Kami Neutral Non-RP Nitrouss Active
The New Hope Karavan Matis Inactive
TheNewEmpire Karavan Matis Pacaryl Active
neXus Kami Tryker Non-RP Darmina Active Link
Night Hawks Kami Neutral Semi-RP Norbdrakon Active Link
Nightsong Neutral Zoraï Semi-RP Ikon Active
OmegaV Karavan Matis Non-RP Ratara Disbanded Link
Order of the Nameless Karavan Matis Non-RP Lexi Active Link
Outhouse Tribe Neutral Neutral Semi-RP Inactive Link
Pegasus Foundation Karavan Matis Non-RP Sasi Semi-active Link
Phaedras Tears Neutral (Kara TPs) Matis Semi-RP Joneyentee Inactive
The Pyr Militia Karavan Fyros Non-RP Michellexx Inactive Link
Red Ribbon Army Neutral Tryker High-RP Kyerna Inactive(?) Link
Rulers of Atys Neutral Neutral Non-RP Gillest Active
Reapers of the Dark Karavan Matis Non-RP Jayce Active Link
Sacred Circle of Guardians Karavan Matis Non-RP Inactive
The Sanctuary Kami Fyros Non-RP Theharvester Active
The Soul Kami Fyros Non-RP Beepe Inactive Link
The Sundered Guard Neutral Neutral Semi-RP Gavalin Active Link
Team Spirit Kami Tryker Non-RP Faa Inactive Link
Twilight Whispers Kami Fyros Semi-RP Inactive
Veni Vidi Vici Neutral Neutral Semi-RP Sylastia Active Link
Walk in Twilight Kami Zoraï Semi-RP Mioshani Active
Whispers of Aria Kami Zoraï Semi-RP Nysha Active
Zoraï Dark Guard Kami Zoraï Active
Zoraï Guardians Kami Zoraï High-RP Notsogood Inactive


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