Tribe: Green Seed

Races: Matis, Tryker

Religion: Karavan


Camp Location: Majestic Garden (map)



The Green Seed coat of arms

The tribe of the Green Seed deals in small trade throughout the various urban zones of the region. These Matis and Trykers sometimes set up camp near the arena where they propose weapons and armor to warriors who come to defend their honour. They are friendly and peaceful, and are always on the lookout for homins willing to run errands for them, such as manufacturing objects or delivering orders to customers.


Fyros +16
Matis +50
Tryker +50
Zoraï +16

Tribe MembersEdit


Antoccio Zavaldo, Tribe Chief of the Green Seed


  • Tribe Chief : Antoccio Zavaldo
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Be'Laury Kedgy
  • Tribe Welcomer : Pinne Cildo
  • Local Supplier : Mac'Leigan Jichy
  • Apprentice Overseer : Anicho Antodera
  • Ambassador : Green Seed Karavan Ambassador
  • Regular Guards : 13

Wandering the region

  • Prospector : Mac'Leigan Deppan


  • Vest, Sleeves & Gloves : Turquoise
  • Boots & Pants : Green
  • Hair : Auburn (Matis), Brown (Tryker)

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