Rite Type: Crafting

Race: Fyros

Reward: Permanent durability boost to all items you craft

This rite can be completed by homins of a fairly low lvl; the highest quality item you are required to craft is q95. Items may also be crafted by a teammate of the rite taker; but it is recommended that, when doing the Trial itself, you take your tools and crafting materials with you, as some of the crafting tasks have very short timers. No real combat skill is required - the most dangerous experience the rite taker must endure is a run around Oflovak's Oasis.


The locations of the various NPCs you will need to speak with can be found here:

You Will Need...Edit

  • 38 Fyros fame

Prerequesite MissionsEdit

Aeseus Zessen (Pyr Forge) wants made-to-order armourEdit

  • 4 x Rilonus pants q50 (Fyros MQ medium pants)
  • 4 x Rilonus vests q50 (Fyros MQ medium vest)

Aeseus Zessen (Pyr Forge) wants new armourEdit

  • 8 x Hobenus sleeves q60 (Fyros MQ light sleeves)

Aeseus Zessen (Pyr Forge) wants made-to-order armourEdit

  • 4 x Hobenus vest q75 (Fyros MQ light vest)

Zenix Mekops' (Barkgully Workshop) Water Breakers friends need armourEdit

  • 1 x Rilonus vest q95 (Fyros MQ medium vest)
  • 1 x Rilonus pants q80 (Fyros MQ medium pants)

Rite MissionEdit

  • Fyros armour crafting 6
  • Rilon boots plan (Fyros BQ medium boots)
  • Rilon vest plan (Fyros BQ medium vest)
  • Fyros weapon crafting 6
  • Stavon sword plan (Fyros BQ 2h sword)

Rite WalkthroughEdit

Having done all the prerequesite missions:

  • Talk to Barman Lydix Deps in Pyr, take the mission The trial of Oflovak
  • Talk to Boeseus Xalon the Water Breaker Chief
  • Run to Northlake Farm and talk to Water Breaker NPC at 01:00 hrs. Craft a pair of q60 Rilon boots and give to Water Breaker
  • Run to Northlake Trade post and talk to Water Breaker NPC. Craft a q60 Rilon vest and give to Water Breaker
  • Run to Barkully Workshop and talk to Water Breaker. Craft a q60 Stavon sword and give to Water Breaker
  • Run back to Water Breaker tribe and talk to Boeseus Xalon again to finish the rite

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