• Artistic Choppy Hairstyle
  • Artistic Crown and Tail Hairstyle
  • Artistic Hairstyle - Pride
  • Artistic Swept Back Hairstyle
  • Artistic Top Tail Hairstyle
  • Basic Hairstyle - Izam's Wings
  • Basic Shaggy Hairstyle
  • Basic Shaved Hairstyle
  • Basic Stiff Back Hairstyle
  • Basic Stubby Tail
  • Hairstyle - Bicorn
  • Stylish Bodoc Horns Hairstyle
  • Stylish Flaming Sides Hairstyle
  • Stylish Stiff Back Hairstyle
  • Stylish Twin Tails Hairstyle


  • Grey
  • Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black


3arts choppy

Artistic Choppy Hairstyle

4arts crownandtail

Artistic Crown and Tail Hairstyle

12art pride

Artistic Hairstyle - Pride

1arts sweptback

Artistic Swept Back Hairstyle

2art2 toptail

Artistic Top Tail Hairstyle

13bas izamwings

Basic Hairstyle - Izam's Wings

7sty shaggy

Basic Shaggy Hairstyle


Basic Shaved Hairstyle

6bas stiffback

Basic Stiff Back Hairstyle

5.bas stubby

Basic Stubby Tail


Hairstyle - Bicorn

11sty bodochorns

Stylish Bodoc Horns Hairstyle

8sty flamingsides

Stylish Flaming Sides Hairstyle

9sty stiffback

Stylish Stiff Back Hairstyle

10sty twintails

Stylish Twin Tails Hairstyle

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