Type: Crafting

Race: Zoraï


Special order for armour (Nai-Da Fuangi, Zora trainers)Edit

  • Zoraï fame 0+
  • 2 x Tan-ko pants x40 (Zoraï BQ heavy pants)
  • 2 x Shaï-don sleeves q30 (Zoraï BQ medium sleeves)

Nai-Da Fuangi needs armourEdit

  • Zoraï fame 0+
  • 8 x Pakmon Shield q11
  • 2 x Kastu Buckler q35

Wu Zhong (Zora, South Gate) wants made-to-order armourEdit

  • Zoraï fame +0
  • 5 x Tan-ko Boots q12 (Zoraï BQ heavy boots)
  • 5 x Shaï-don Vest q18 (Zoraï BQ medium vest)
  • 18 minute timer

Rite MissionEdit

La-Po Len (Zora, Highmart District), The old Zoraï Smith

  • Craft lvl 25+
  • Zoraï fame 34

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